Fees & limits

The following fees and limits apply. Fees and limits are subject to variation in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise specified, all fees will be debited in AU$ Currency. If there are insufficient funds in AU$ Currency to pay such fees, then we will automatically deduct funds from other Currencies in the following order of priority: AU$, US$, EU€, GB£, NZ$, TH฿, CA$, HK$, JP¥, SG$


When payable

Actual fee

Initial card fee

When purchasing your Cash Passport

AU$0 online

Online reload using this website

When you top up your Cash Passport (reload) with extra money using this website.

AU$5 flat fee per reload

BPAY® reload fee (using details on back of your card)

If you wish to pay directly to your default currency using your back of card BPAY details (biller code and reference number). Note: this is different to booking a rate online using this website.

1% of the reload amount

International ATM withdrawal fee (outside Australia)

When withdrawing money from an ATM outside of Australia

FREE*. *Please note that some ATM operators may charge an additional withdrawal fee at their own accord.

Domestic ATM withdrawal fee

When you use your card to make a withdrawal from ATMs in Australia

2.95% of the amount withdrawn

Cash over the counter fee

When cash is obtained over the counter

AU$10.00 per transaction

Monthly inactivity fee

At the start of each month if you have not made any transactions on the Card in the previous 12 months. Unless your Card is used again, or reloaded, this fee applies each month until the Card is closed or the remaining Card balance is less than the inactivity fee

AU$4.00 per month

24/7 Global Emergency Assistance

When calling us for help or account questions


Negative balance fee

When a negative balance occurs on your card


Cash out fee

When you opt to cash out your remaining balance. Note that cashing out your card does not close your card.

AU$10.00 per cash out

Currency to currency foreign exchange rate (for currencies available to be loaded on the card)

The exchange rate that is applied when you transfer money between one currency to another (for currencies available to be loaded on the card).

At the then applicable retail foreign exchange rate determined by us. We will notify you of the rate that will apply at the time you allocate your funds from one Currency to another (for currencies available to be loaded on the card).

Currency conversion fee

Applied when a purchase or ATM withdrawal is conducted in a currency either not loaded or sufficient to complete the transaction and the cost is allocated against the currency/ies used to fund the transaction.

MasterCard® rate (“FX Rate”) plus a margin of 5.95% of the transaction value. The MasterCard rate is the exchange rate determined by MasterCard to be their wholesale rate or the government mandated rate in effect in the day the transaction is processed by MasterCard.

Important information about different transactions

A foreign exchange margin applies to the transaction amount if the Card is used for withdrawals in any currency other than a currency available on the Card. The applicable margin applied to the converted currency transaction amount is 5.95%.

Example of foreign exchange margin for a Card loaded with AU$ only

Suppose you make a withdrawal from an ATM outside Australia (in Brazil) for Brazilian Real BRL50.00 and the prevailing exchange rate, set by MasterCard, is BRL1.00 = AU$1.34. Before the foreign exchange margin applies, this would equate to AU$67.00 (BRL50.00 x 1.34). After the foreign exchange margin of AU$3.99 is applied (AU$67.00 x 5.95%), this would equate to AU$70.99 (AU$67.00 + AU$3.99).

Where you do not have a balance in the currency of the transaction, your Card Fund will be debited according to the default order of priority, which is as follows: AU$, US$, EU€, GB£, NZ$, CA$ HK$, JPY SG$. In addition, we will debit the balance of each Currency in this order until the relevant transaction amount has been satisfied.

Limit name

Limit details

Limit amount

Maximum number of Multi-currency Cash Passports you can hold at one time



Minimum load amount

The minimum amount of money you can load or reload onto your Cash Passport using this website.


Maximum amount you can load/reload on your Card per load/reload

The per load/reload maximum

AU$100,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum BPAY® reload amount per day



Maximum balance allowed across all currencies during any 12 month period


AU$100,000 or currency equivalent

Cash over the counter limit in any 24 hour period



Maximum you can withdraw from ATMs in any 24 hour period (some ATM operators may set their own withdrawal limits which may be lower than this limit)


AU$3,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum value of EFTPOS transactions during any 24 hour period


AU$15,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum balance allowed at any one time across all Currencies