Fees & Limits

The Cash Passport is a prepaid travel money card & online shopping card for overseas retailers.


Actual fee

Inital Card issue fee


Initial load fee


Reload fee (online)


Administrative fee (in-store only)

1.1% of the load/reload amount.

Domestic ATM fee

2.95% of value withdrawn.

International ATM withdrawal fee (outside Australia)

USD 2.50, EUR 2.50, GBP 2.00, NZD 3.50, THB 80.00, CAD 3.50, HKD 18.00, JPY 260.00, SGD 3.50, AED 10.00, AUD 3.50 (for international ATM withdrawals in countries not mentioned above or insufficient funds in the relevant Currency to cover the whole transaction)

Currency to Currency fee


You will see the applicable foreign exchange rate as determined by us at the time of transaction

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Limit amount

Minimum load amount:


Maximum load amount:

$100,000 p.a.

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